Project Statement

Our goal with Blithedale Terrace is to create a small community of housing for persons of ordinary means who will appreciate the opportunity to live in Mill Valley. The City, in response to a State of California mandate and the Association of Bay Area Governments direction, has designated this property for in-fill housing of twenty units, four of which will be workforce housing.

Our design provides two and three bedroom single-family homes which range in size from 1,100 to 2,000 square feet with two car enclosed parking. The unit density is less than seventeen units per acre.

The project serves as a transitional land use between the commercial-retail-office uses to the east, traditional pre-post-war housing of eight units per acre to thye west and south, and estate properties to the north.

We will design the building exteriors and landscaping to reflect other Mill Valley projects of a similar nature that have blended into the fabric of their neighborhoods over the years. The buildings are wood framed and sheathed in shingles. The building trim and site structures will be of wood painted or stained earth tones.

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